Role of Local Governing Bodies

Each Member Academy has a Local Governing Body, which retains responsibilities for the implementation of the actions required to comply with the legislation and the funding agreement agreed between the Board and the Department for Education.

The Local Governing Body:

  • Oversees each academy’s activities and curriculum within the agreed vision, strategy, values and ethos of the MAT
  • Appoints all staff other than the Principal
  • Appoints all Governors
  • Takes responsibility for the performance management and pay of all staff employed in the individual Academies other than the Headteachers
  • Holds the leadership and staff of the individual academy to account for the academic performance, quality of teaching, care and support of pupils & wider educational provision 

In relation to finance, the Local Governing Body:

  • Ensures that finances are applied appropriately at academy level
  • Manages the Member academy’s cash flow
  • Oversees the maintenance of the property 

The Multi-Academy Trust Board has the power to withdraw delegated powers from a Local Governing Body and, if necessary, disband it, and has made clear that it would only invoke such powers in the event of the member Academy being determined to be Special Measures or failing financially. If a new Academy should join the GLA while either of these circumstances prevail, the Local Governing Body receives limited delegated powers in the first instance. 

What is expected of a member of a Local Governing Body? 

Gloucestershire Learning Alliance MAT values the experience and skills of its Local Governing Body Governors. It recognises the contribution that Governors make to the success of the Trust and its member academies, and wants its Governors to feel that the job they do is rewarding and satisfying. 

The role of the Governor is a non-executive one, and Governors are required to be as flexible as possible in the exercising of their responsibilities and duties, ensuring that their oversight of the Academy/School does not interfere with the day-to-day management, which is the responsibility of the Headteacher(s) and the Leadership Team. 

The primary responsibilities of Governors are to:

  • Play an active role in the strategic planning process of the School/Academy by contributing to the development of the vision and educational character, helping to identify strategic priorities, monitoring achievement against objectives and supporting the development of plans to address weaknesses.
  • Comply with the Articles of Association, Financial Handbook, Governors’ Code of Conduct and any other related governance policies and procedures
  • Contribute to the business of the Local Governing Body in an effective, efficient, open and transparent manner
  • Attend Local Governing Body meetings, governor training and induction events as required
  • Get to know the Academy/Trust through discussions with the Leadership Group, Chair of Trust/Governing Body and staff, reading relevant papers, visiting the Academies and participating in events
  • help new Governors understand their role
  • Act in the best interests of the school at all times

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