Gloucester Learning Alliance

Benefits of Working For Us

We are committed to being an employer of choice where everyone is treated fairly and feels valued and supported. We aim to provide a stimulating and rewarding working environment which encourages our people to work together, provides opportunities for them to reach their full potential and achieve a healthy work/life balance.


We believe in appointing the best person for each position while ensuring that recruitment and selection is conducted in a way that is transparent, consistent and effective.

As a growing and changing organisation we will continue to evolve, which may mean that posts will develop and change. We give our staff the opportunity to expand their roles while also ensuring that we are sensitive and fair to all staff.

One of the strategic aims of the Trust is ‘leadership development’ which is supported by a comprehensive CPD package and effective recruitment and talent management approach that matches need as the GLA Trust grows.

We run a comprehensive induction programme to help new staff get up to speed and feel at home as soon as possible.


Learning and development

We are committed to the continuous learning and development of all staff to enable people to develop individual skills and realise their full potential. We aim to engage all staff with a challenging and exciting learning culture and encourage openness, discussion and feedback so we can develop and continuously improve what we do.

Everyone has an annual appraisal where learning needs are discussed and agreed by both the individual and the line manager, encouraging staff to take responsibility for their own learning.

In the GLA we are dedicated to ensuring that all our teachers and leaders have the opportunity to access high quality and ambitious CPD that is both relevant to the current needs of our schools and the education system whilst also personalised to support our staff to reach their individual career goals.

We are proud to be able to offer professional and personal development training that ensures that teachers, leaders and support staff are able to have a lifelong and fulfilling career in our trust with a number of different professional routes and training available.

You can read our current GLA CPD Handbook for Teachers and Leaders here, which shows all the professional development opportunities including both global CPD offers and specific career pathways. 

You can read our current CPD Handbook for Support Staff here , which features our global offer, accredited qualifications, apprenticeships nd pathways.  Plus hear from GLA team members as they describe their career journeys within the Trust. 

Our Teacher Toolkit is provided to every member of teaching staff across the Trust. The toolkit forms the basis for teaching and learning across the Trust. It provides an overview of the key principles and strategies that have been adopted by the GLA. These are all rooted in sound educational research and pedagogy that has been tried and tested amongst our teams and pupils over many years. At the heart of all teaching and learning at the GLA is our assessment-led approach.

The GLA promotes teacher networks across it’s schools including planning support and sharing of teaching and learning resources.

 The GLA provide staff with access to structured professional support as well as coaching for leaders and teachers.


 Equality and diversity

At the GLA we believe in a work culture where equality and diversity is important and people are valued, respected and know that they matter. We treat all people equally when recruiting, training, promoting and in our day-to-day work. We recognise that people are different. This creates a culture that is fair and inclusive, harnesses the abilities of all our people and ensures advancement is based on ability and performance.

For more information, read our equality and diversity policy.


Pay and benefits

We offer an attractive salary and benefits package and are proud to be a living wage employer. We are committed to paying competitive salaries and also recognise that many people value non-financial benefits.

We offer all staff the following benefits:

  • Employee assistance programme including 24 hour helpline and access to free counselling and CBT
  • GLAdvantage - Staff Discount Scheme for a range of retailers; holidays; insurance; eating out; health and leisure activities 
  • Cycle to work scheme 
  • Membership to Chartered College of Teaching
  • Membership to CST


 Our School Improvement Strategy

The GLA School Improvement Strategy and central School Improvement Team (SIT) was created to enable incisive challenge, accountability and timely support for schools to ensure ‘outstanding outcomes for children’. Deep knowledge of our schools sits at the heart of our strategy and allows for effective prioritisation of support. This includes knowing where the best practice is and how to transmit this effectively across the Trust through meaningful collaboration and professional development opportunities. Our improvement strategy enables all schools to ‘own’ their improvement journey and focus on consistently delivering on Quality First Teaching for all children.

Our approach to school improvement is based upon collaborative working and we have developed aligned and standardised practices that ensure we have the best practice in each of our schools. This is the GLA USP. Our school improvement team are all expert practitioners with in-depth knowledge of our schools. We have centralised our business services to enable schools to focus on teaching and learning; centralisation also helps to ensure statutory compliance and enables us to maximise efficiencies.