Gloucester Learning Alliance

GLA purpose, Vision and values  

Our purpose

Within the GLA we are united in our belief that all children deserve equity of education. Our consistent focus each day is to develop our people and direct our resources so that all children are safe, happy and can achieve their potential.

Our vision

Our aim is for every child to leave the Trust feeling proud and with a sense of confidence about their next steps. Proud to have achieved something special with their unique talents and confident to develop those talents further in the next chapter of their education.

Our values

Equity - We are committed to equity
We direct resources and people flexibly and precisely, when and where they are needed, so that all children across the Trust can achieve their potential.

Opportunity - We create opportunity
As a learning community we don’t stand still. We encourage all staff to embrace the opportunities on offer to grow and develop their expertise, whatever their role.

Expertise - We champion expertise 
We develop and share our skills and knowledge, within and between our schools, for the benefit of all children.

Evidence - We are evidence-led
Within our Trust schools, decision-making is thoughtful, thorough and based on evidence of what makes the biggest difference to children.

Community - We are a community
We know that we’re stronger together; sharing high expectations, nurturing and supporting each other to overcome our challenges and celebrate our successes.

Through effective recruitment and teaching and learning policies, we have benefitted from the shared capacity of expertise that has significantly impacted on the outcomes we are able to achieve.

There are high levels of trust between the schools and staff at all levels are committed to working together.

We recognise the extended opportunities for professional development the GLA brings and the benefits of sharing expertise and generating innovation by pooling ideas and working together.

Our Strategy to 2027 document below sets out our aims and priorities to enable us to achieve our vision.

Download our strategy to 2027 here